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Dinosaurs the word alone requires no introduction, the whole world is well aware of the previous lives of the animals that once lived on Earth and were credited to be the only lizards to have walked straight legs unlike the modern lizards walking folded ones.

Crocodiles are the very best and the nearest known creatures which are known to reside alongside these majestic creatures and derive a substantial amount of relevancy together.

We’re still discovering new fossils daily, new discoveries are quickly coming to the picture.

An impact from an asteroid that hit the ground in late Cretaceous period is the most important reason for the extinction of dinosaurs many scientists think it might not be entirely correct as after effects may also cause the disappearance of remaining ones.

The reason that lots of species disappeared along before the crash might be due to a broad spread of a dinosaur plague or might be caused by the environmental changes. Even though it is not certain which one is the correct, In the present days, a few of the fossils are found having radioactive properties in them particularly the fossil from the late Cretaceous period.

Fossil evidence indicates that brachiosaur aces existed long before the first T-Rex ever were created, and it’s also a massive misconception about t-rex it was the largest carnivore. In fact, it was sixth in the position according to size in comparison with another colossal meat eaters such as mapusaureus, carcharodontosaurians, giganotosaurus, saurophaganax and Spinosaurus although the new discoveries indicate that t-rex was the very well designed killing machine but still wasn’t greatest.

Discoveries of more titanic giants are still going on it is a massive misconception that people believe that flying reptiles were dinosaurs, but they belonged to a distinct group of reptiles called pterosaurs.

Between those above many weird-looking and eccentric dinosaurs were discovered such as therizinosaurs the most strangest of all and pterosaur Hatzegopteryx a reptile which managed to fly. Main groups were the sauropod, theropod, ornithopod, ceratopsian, stegosaur, ankylosaur; duck build was classified and extensive researches performed to comprehend the seeds of development: our ancestors.

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