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If you are like many people, you groan at the thought of doing meal prep. While you know that it is something that you will need to do, it does not mean you like it! Meal prep takes time, but if you look at preparing state that your vegetables just once for the whole week, then you’ll find it easier to eat healthy home-cooked meals daily. Some foods, some veggies are simple to prepare ahead of time and save well. There are steps you can take with your meal preparation to make the job easier and then you will find you spend less time doing the meal prep and more time enjoying your food!

Let us examine a few meal-prep thoughts…

  1. One Recipe, Many Variations. Perhaps the most significant time-consuming task with meal prep is trying to determine what to cook in the first place. You must hunt down recipes, figure out what is going to work with your weight loss diet and then purchase all of the groceries required. Time-consuming stuff!

Instead, look at finding one recipe offering several variations. For instance, you might make a vegetable stir-fry. You may just alter the vegetables you put in the stir-fry, swap out the chicken for beef as desired, and also change the sauce a little. It is the same meal overall, but with small changes that should be enough to keep you interested in continuing to carry on with your weight loss diet program.

The more you become accustomed to preparing the same type of meals over and over, the easier it will be to plan your meal prep out to the week.

  1. Slow cooking is super simple, and a method of cooking everybody should get into doing from time to time. Just put all the ingredients in the slow cooker in the morning, turn it on, and by the time you arrive home from work, the food will be prepared to serve. Plus, you can make a significantly sized batch, which means you’ll be eating healthy meals several times throughout your week.
  2. The last idea to consider is purchasing pre-chopped vegetables. Cutting vegetables up is often one job people dislike doing the most, so make it easier for yourself. Buy them ready to go, so there’s little to no prep work involved.

As you will pay a little more to get pre-chopped vegetables, it is money well spent.

There you have a few ideas to consider using to make meal prep easier. If you follow these tips, sticking to your weight loss diet will probably be simpler than ever.

Although managing your disease can be very challenging, Type 2 diabetes isn’t a condition you must just live with. You can make simple adjustments to your everyday routine and reduce both your weight and your glucose levels.

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